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Gyandip Part-1

Gyandip Part 1 is a book which comprises of Shri Hari’s charitras and shubh-sanskar that would inspire children and the youth to learn and attain Shri Hari’s and Santo’s Rajipo.  This is a part of “Baad-Yuva Sanskar Pravruti” initiated by Pu. Gyanjivandasji Swami (Kundaldham).  Gyandip Part 1 was published on 26th October 2003 and authored by Pu. Ishwarcharandasji Swami.Part 1 compiles the charitras from birth to the childhood days of Swaminarayan Bhagwan along with some Hindu mythological events which mainly focuses on childhood charitras of various avatars of God.  These charitras are very useful in building the core values in the lives of the youth.
Edition7th Edition, 09 Jul 2017
Page Count119