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Achintyanand Swami Jivan Kavan

Achintyanand Swami Jivan Kavan describes the life of Brahmchari Achintyanand Swami, who were one of the very few great intellectuals to take birth on this planet. Shastri Hariprakashdasji Swami and Shastri Gyanprakashdasji Swami of Gandhinagar thought about publishing the biography of this great scholar. They understood the importance of Brahmchari Achintyanand Swami's several great qualities including seva, nistha, bhakti and believed a scripture depicting Brahmchari Achintyanand Swami's life would provide lot of strength and courage to numerous Santos and Haribhaktos of Swaminarayan sect in their spiritual goal of attaining Moksha. Pu. Brahmprakashdas Swami, disciple of P. Pu. Sadguru Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami (Kundaldham), took upon the responsibility of researching and writing up this scripture. This scripture was published in 2014 and depicts several divine events of Brahmchari Achintyanand Swami's life in a clean and candid way. The kirtans created by Brahmchari Achintyanand Swami which helps us realize and increase our love for Maharaj are included in this scripture as well. "Vivekshatak" scripture created by Brahmchari Achintyanand Swami included in this publication inspires traits of good behavior. Also, included are hymns by Pu. Gunatitanand Swami and Pu. Gopalanand Swami which are tremendously useful.
Edition1st Edition, 14 Feb 2014
Page Count294