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Written by Pu. Niskulanand Swami, Bhaktchintamani is composed of 164 chapters comprising of verses or small poems that are meant to be sung instead of being read.  This scripture was written by Pu. Swami so that he could vivaciously describe the life of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan and all those whom He greatly influenced.  Pu. Swami’s intention was to help paint a vivid picture in each reader’s mind, so that one can visualize God and His Almightiness, via the description of His divinity.  These chapters contain a variety of charitras, which exemplify how Swaminarayan Bhagwan helped various people suffering from myriad problems by providing a unique solution specific to the problem on hand.  This scripture was completed on Samvat 1887 Aasho Sudh 13 and it is widely believed that those who read or listen to this scripture daily would experience bliss and an increase in their love, trust, and faith for Swaminarayan Bhagwan.
EditorPu. Ghanshyamjivandasji Swami
Edition8th Edition, 20 May 2019
Page Count853